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BBC on the cost of food03.12.08

The rising cost of gasoline may impact the revenue side of the equation for food service operations, but the expense side faces a similar, if less in-your-face challenge. As gasoline prices approach the inflation-adjusted prices of the 1981 oil crisis era, global wheat stocks are at their lowest level since the 1979. With both sides of the business equation in play (and generally beyond the control of a restaurateur), efficiency is one of the few places left to wiggle.

The BBC has been on this issue for some time, and recently produced some facts and figures and personal stories. They’re still working on the story, and there are many related stories throughout the BBC. Some of their coverage generated nearly 1500 comments on the food price spiral.

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AskPablo: Electric Hand Dryer or Paper Towel?01.13.08

Pablo takes a crack at the Electric Hand Dryer or Paper Towel question from a CO2 perspective. Conclusion: pant leg.

Others have taken a spin through this material – the Portland Tribune, Saving Energy (blog). It’s a common question, with lots of manufacturers weighing in on their respective sides. Anyone know of a truly independent study on the matter?

Of course, your local codes may vary. Your pants might too.


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